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Welcome to FlexiNET Broadband, the Internet Service Provider with you in mind. We are continuing the vision of a true broadband network, to deliver high speed internet to the rural, underserved, residents of South East BC. We have built a network from the ground up that will support the high demand of today's growing use of internet. Using a combination of Fibre Optics and Next Generation Wireless we are positioned to handle a much larger number of connections - meaning that we will able to reach further, faster, and to more people.

Not only can we bring you updated Internet connections, but Fibre Optics has the potential to incorporate more than just the internet, including telephone and television capabilities, and more!

In areas were we are not utilising fibre optics, we use the latest generation in true broadband wireless internet.

At FlexiNET, we are working to bring you more connectivity. Imagine having the world at your fingertips, even from your home in the countryside.

So the next time you're sitting at home, waiting for your webpage to load, make sure it's one of FlexiNET's, so you won't have to again.

Broadband for Rural Canadians Program

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